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Murphy's Magic
George McBride The DVD by George McBride - DVD
George McBride The DVD by George McBride - DVD
4,644円(税込) 3,240円(税込)
ジョージ・マックブライドの最新DVD! 1:Ace De Triomphe – the four Aces are caused to vanish, one at a time. They then re-appear in a variety of spectacular ways. This is George's handling of Marlo's Vanishing Aces from Mint, and it's a BELTER!

2:Bar Room Blues – three freely selected cards change colour one after the other. Oh, and then the entire deck does too!

3:Cutting The Aces – a 'George-Clooney-smoooooooooooooth' way to cut to all four aces.

4:Double Swap Sandwich – the black jacks are used to 'pincer' out two selections from the deck. The selections are lost, and the black jacks put to one side. The red jacks are then cut into the deck to find those pesky selections. The deck is spread, and VOILA – two face down cards are between the red jacks. But wait – it's the BLACK JACKS?!? Quick – check those discarded cards from earlier. Yep – it's the selections!!

5:Open Assembly – you have all seen the classic Four Ace Assembly. Well, NOT like this! No extra cards and a killer ending that will have magicians fighting with punters to retrieve their jaws from the floor.

6:Reversal Of Fortune - This is the only non card item on the menu, and what a feast it is. Four Coins and only two cards are used. Basically, the coins vanish one at a time and reappear under one of the cards until all four coins are under the 'leader' card... or are they? Just when you think the routine is over, all four coins instantaneously appear back where they started. And all without any cover other than the two cards.

7:Immediate Ace Spelling – The spectator shuffles the deck. Very cleanly and slowly the magician deals down cards spelling out 'Ace Of Diamonds'. The last card dealt is indeed the Ace Of Diamonds. The magician then repeats this for the Ace Of Spades and the Ace Of Clubs. For the Ace Of Hearts, the spectator deals the cards out HIMSELF!

8:Hotel Mystery – a fantastic 'story' plot that builds to a cheeky climax. It's easy, it's engaging and it'll make you look suave.

9:Discrepancy Assembly - a Four Ace Assembly, but this time only using four kings and three indifferent cards. Think of it as an Ace Assembly with an eating disorder.

10:Flight Path – four Aces, signed by the spectator, vanish one at a time only to re-appear in the performer's pocket. This is a mountain of magic in five minute slot. If this was the only effect you performed all night, you'd STILL be the talk of the town.

11:Triola - three spectators each choose a card (or one person can select all three cards if that's your bag). Two Kings are now used to find the selections. The first card is caused to magically appear between the Kings. But what about the other two selections? Well, the Kings have somehow changed into them! Badda-bing!

12:Bonus - The Twist Shift – a shift that will blow your socks out of your nostrils. It's smooth as silk, as invisible as intelligence in a Big Brother contestant and available on DVD for the first time.    一時間48分!  ※メール便での配達可
登録日: 2007年12月17日 月曜日



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